DX:Exchange launches STO

DX: Exchange is a popular Estonian platform. It has just recently announced that it will be created a new exchange platform which is currently operating on a closed platform system. Only the 8000 pre-registered users are currently using it. The company announced that the platform will allow the exchange of STOs, listing itself as a one-shop for established companies, businesses, start-ups, and real-world assets, that can be picked up by users as they need and demand them. The participating companies will be able to list their own STOs on the DX: Exchange platform. According to the listing posted on their twitter page. The goal is for both institutional and retail users have the same access to Security tokens.

Security tokens have been becoming a very popular crypto asset over the past year. STO (Security Token Offerings) are quickly replacing ICOs as popular ways for startups to gain funding to keep going with their projects. A lack of a reliable platform for both institutional and retail users has restricted the ability of such startups to receive funding, but with the DX: Exchange project something new might be coming to the industry. The platform will further allow users on the exchange to trade security tokens between each other by permitting secondary trading.

DX: Exchange will be the first platform to offer retail and institutional traders the ability to trade cryptocurrencies including STOs, Digital Stocks and Digital ETF’s for digital currencies or fiat currencies. The platform was built on Nasdaq’s matching engine and will be able to support users all over the world. The company is EU regulated and has had a very reliable reputation up until now, and will seemingly continue to retain this reputation. DX:Exchange has also launched its own security token, IGWT, which will be used within the platform to assist companies in attracting funds to their projects.

Such moves from crypto exchanges and crypto companies are welcome, as they advance the technology and the industry further in order to produce a net positive effect. Their vision is to let anyone around the world trade, no matter their financial status.

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