A Venture Capital Fund Managed by Max Keiser & Simon Dixon.

“The easiest way to invest in the growth of Bitcoin & the Crypto Currency Sector”

About Us

Bitcoin Capital is a Cayman Islands tax efficient investment fund for professional investors who want exposure to the growth of Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. It is a specialist fund that pays daily dividends to investors in Bitcoin for as long as their mining investment produce a return, venture capital high growth investments and Crypto Currencies that can produce a very high return with a high risk. This is a high risk, high return investment fund giving exposure to the world of Crypto Currencies accross mining, coin investments and investing in companies in the sector.

Simon Dixon,
Fund Manager, Investor & CEO BnkToTheFuture.com

Bitcoin Capital was founded by Financial Journalist, FinTech Entrepreneur and Investor Max Keiser and Simon Dixon, the author of ‘Bank To The Future’ and founder of Equity CrowdFunding Platform BnkToTheFuture.com. For years they have been providing content on the future of banking and spoke together at the world’s first Bitcoin Conference in Prague when the price of Bitcoin was $3. Since then they have been investing in Crypto Currencies, mining, Bitcoin and Blockchain Startups, launching Crypto Currencies including StartCOIN, currently in the top 25 Crypto Currencies in the world and combining finance, technology and media to give investors the chance to build and invest in the the future of finance.

Max Keiser,
Fund Manager, Investor & CEO StartJOIN.com

Venture Capital

Investing in the highest growth Crypto Currency and Blockchain businesses and startups that have proven themselves through CrowdFunding.

One-third of the fund invests in Crypto Currencies, digital tokens, and crypto and Forex trading brokers listed here. We invest in longer-term growth coins where we believe in the story rather than short-term coin speculation.

For earlier stage startups we have created a completely new model for finding deals to invest in. The startup must first raise finance through CrowdFunding on StartJOIN.com, qualify for Equity CrowdFunding on BnkToTheFuture.com and reach at least 50% of their funding goal from investors before they qualify for Bitcoin Capital to explore investing.

They have to prove their traction with the crowd before we explore the Investment proposition.


Paying daily dividends to investors by doing all the geeky mining for them to generate a position in Bitcoin for as long as it is profitable.

We offer a unique model whereby we invest one third of all funds in mining (The process used to create new coins) that is used exclusively to pay daily dividends to investors (in Bitcoin) for as long as the mining process is profitable.

This is a great way to accumulate Bitcoins without having to get deep into the geeky part of the process.

We mine a portfolio of coins and always look for the most profitable opportunity through our algorithm. Eventually the mining process can become unprofitable, so we utilise the latest technology with mining rigs in Iceland that optimise every penny of profit and we pay the coins generated through mining out to investors until the process is no longer profitable where the costs of running the rigs exceeds the value of the coins produced.

Our goal is that if the market conditions are right, investors receive a chunk of their investment back through Bitcoin, unlike any other investment fund.

Coin Investing

Investing in high risk, high return Crypto Currencies and Digital tokens.

One third of the fund invests in Crypto Currencies and digital tokens. We invest in longer term growth coins where we believe in the story rather than short term coin speculation.

Max Keiser was the first to let the world know about Bitcoin on a large scale, the first to announce Litecoin on a large scale as well as Ethereum and many other Blockchain technologies.

An example of the high risk, high return investments that have been made in the past include investing in StartCOIN at 1,000 Satoshis that later traded at 55,000 Satoshis producing at 55 times return on investment. We pride ourselves on knowing how to spot value in alternative coins and Bitcoin and see through the noise and scams.

Our Portfolio

Bitcoin Capital has invested in many exciting Bitcoin & Blockchain companies which are shaping the future of FinTech. We also hold positions in Bitcoin, the largest Digital Currency & StarCOIN a Crypto Currency for Crowdfunding.










Invest in Bitcoin Capital

All investments in Bitcoin Capital are processed through our partner online investment platform – BnkToTheFuture.com

For full details on investing, please visit our pitch page on BnkToTheFuture.com where you are able to invest online and certify your investor status.

Pitch Bitcoin Capital

All applications from companies wishing to pitch for investment from Bitcoin Capital are processed through our partner online investment platform – BnkToTheFuture.com

To make an application, please visit the pitch application page on BnkToTheFuture.com where you are able to apply online and send us more details about your company.

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