How to choose Best Bitcoin Gambling sites?

Picking the ideal gambling site can be a very tough thing for a beginner. It is not easy even for a veteran who opts to look for a new site. There are more than a thousand online gambling sites a good number of which accept Bitcoin. Even though it can be tempting to go with any flashy Bitcoin gambling site that you come across, there are many things that you should consider before making your choice.


Why use Bitcoin for gambling?

Bitcoin has been growing at a tremendous rate for the past few years. It has a market cap of more $118 Billion even though it had surpassed $320 billion in December 2017. This crypto has become a popular gambling currency since it is not subject to some of the restrictive rules imposed on traditional gambling sites. Bitcoin as a currency is preferred because it affords you anonymity and safety. This means that even government agencies are not able to trace your online movements. Consequently, this means that your gambling activities will not be taxed or be subject to investigation.

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, in particular, has attracted not only new traders and investors but also government agencies, institutions and, of course, hackers. The crypto world is not safe even though it is designed to help you transact anonymously and safely. Online gambling has been tricky but over the years, new regulations have made it a safe environment for gambling enthusiasts to visit. When it comes to picking the right BTC casino, it is important to bear in mind the fact that various governments around the world frown at both cryptocurrency and gambling.

Online games

Different gambling sites have different priorities and they follow different and diverse rules and regulations. Even though online gambling sites offer seemingly similar services, things such as reputation, customer service, bonuses offered, ease of withdrawing and many other things are critical things to factor in before signing up. Here, we are going to look at the various things you should consider when you are shopping for a Bitcoin gambling site.

Check their betting and gambling license

Every gambling site must have an appropriate betting or gaming license from a recognized agency or authority for it to legally offer gambling services. There are many websites which claim to be regulated or claim to hold a trading license from some dubious authority body. A player who signs up with an unregulated operator or one that is regulated by a weak body runs the risk of losing their entire investment.

Because Bitcoin gambling sites are mainly not of brick and mortar, it is important that you pay close attention to the licensing of the operator. Only consider a gambling site that is properly licensed. Such a site should be licensed in one of the well-known and respectable gambling jurisdictions.


A gaming license can be obtained from a number of regions around the world. However, not all licenses carry the same legislation and regulatory standards. There are some jurisdictions which issue a trading license to everyone who wants one and there are those that stick to a strict criterion before licensing anyone.

What type of games does the casino have?

Different gambling houses offer different games to their customers. You might find certain an operator offering casino games and sports while another might be specializing in poker. When it comes to searching for the right Bitcoin gambling site, you need to know beforehand what kind of games or bets you will be able to place. Many sites have a cocktail of all the gambling activities you can think of.

A site that offers only one type of gambling activity is not to say that it is not good enough. At times, a site that specializes in one type of activity such as roulette, baccarat, sports or poker games happens to be the best to go for. But before you pick the casino, make sure that you have identified what you need in one. You don’t want to open an account in every casino for each of the games you play.

The history and reputation of the gambling operator

One of the most important features that a Bitcoin gambling site must showcase is a good reputation. Being an online firm, trust is one of the things that an operator must work on. It is little wonder then that a negative comment or rumor spread online is more likely to destroy the reputation of a firm.

When you search for a gambling house, dig a little bit to find out if there are any scandals that it has hidden. Real customers who often write their experiences are the best source of information if you are looking to learn about a firm’s reputation. There are review sites that focus on helping people get the best value for their money and time. However, be open-minded as there are sites that pay more to reviewers to have good reviews written on them. More often than not, a scam site will either have no negative reviews or it will have no review or history written online.


Years before, the word compatibility did not come up when someone was looking for a casino. Now, the compatibility of the device you own with your preferred Bitcoin casino’s platform is critical. If you own an iPhone or an Android smartphone or tablet, a PC or a Mac, you need to find a gambling operator whose platform or website is supported by your device.


Many of the online casinos are far away – across oceans. As such, you will not have the one-on-one support that brick and mortar casinos often offer their players. Here, you will have to rely on chats, email, and toll-free phone numbers to talk to the support team. It is, therefore, critical that you find a platform which is compatible with your device so as to minimize or eliminate the need to frequently contact support for help. Just as we have elaborated above, it is important to read reviews of a platform. The customer service of a firm is looked at closely by many because one can easily tell whether any incompatibility issues are handled flawlessly and professionally.

Player volume

Finding a gambling site with a considerable number of active players especially if you are a poker player is something worth considering. Even though this factor does not apply to all casinos or games, you should be wary of games where the number of players is too low or extremely high. However, it is upon you to conduct some research on the sites available and the type of games they offer plus the rough estimate of players there might at the tables. Many times, very low player volumes might mean danger to you.

Bonuses and other offers

Most Bitcoin gambling sites offer first users a deposit bonus. They also offer players free bonuses or free bets in order to entice the players into joining or hang around. While it is a good idea to check out the operators that offer the best bonuses, you can also check out those that offer Rakeback percentages.

BTC bonus

When comparing bonuses though, remember that the biggest bonus does not always mean the best. You will also need to check out the terms and conditions attached to the bonuses offered. Many of the sites say that a trader must make a turnover of so many times of the bonus awarded before they can get a chance to withdraw. You should, therefore, re-evaluate what it is you really want when you sign up to take a bonus.

Options of deposit and withdrawing

There are many rules surrounding the withdrawal and deposit process at gambling sites. Among the things to check are whether there are any fees associated with depositing BTC into your account or whether you can withdraw your money as and when you want. In some instances, you will find some sites restricting players as to the amount they can withdraw.

Responsive interface

Online gambling especially one that involves Bitcoin requires that the user interface be prompt in responding. A good platform will be responsive and will allow you to see exactly what is happening at every moment. There are known instances and sites where players have lost money because either the platform was not responsive or the casino had some malware that made the platform misbehave. You will, however, learn all about how good the platform is by visiting it yourself and reading online reviews.

Picking the perfect gambling site

Different Bitcoin gambling sites have different agendas when it comes to setting up gambling platforms. The same case goes for players whose aims to gamble also vary. However, one must appreciate the fact that a crypto gambling site should allow you to enjoy the benefits inherent to owning crypto. In other words, a site that asks you for your personal details is not better than a traditional site. After all, the main reason why BTC exists is to help you bypass some of the negative things associated with Fiat money.

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