The Nordics – a crypto gambling hub of the world

Gambling is one of the most popular activities all around the world. While some of the countries are more loyal to similar activities, others try to maintain the conservative approach and limit the industry. There are different reasons for limiting the industry in some countries, but most usually this happens because of the unhealthy gambling environment. Much effort had been directed to tackle this problem in one or another way, but some questions still remain open.

Europe is known to be less loyal to gambling activities, due to the increased number of problem gamblers throughout the past several years. The most conservative part still remains the Nordic region, which has legalized gambling, but with some significant restrictions and limitations. This has not once become the topic of discussion, and it is obvious that some laws need to be lifted or at least softened.

Two players on the field

The fact that the gambling market in the Nordics, especially in Norway is way more regulated, does not mean that people are not gambling. Actually, the online industry is legal, but only through the governmentally approved providers. Those are two main operators, who offer players different services. The names of those are Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto, who are the 2 only companies allowed to offer gambling services to Norwegian citizens. Norsk Tipping offers games like lotteries, sports betting, Keno, and several others.

This has already caused many problems among citizens. Many people try to solve the problem by addressing international operators and unlicensed casinos in Norway. The issue is discussed on the governmental level, yet no actions to cease the problem have been effective enough.

The problem with gambling is that people are very limited in choice. The two operators can not supply all the demands of the society, consequently, players are seeking some illegal ways out. The offshore operators have access to the Norwegian market and while they don’t encourage locals to play with them, they never refuse to take the Norwegian players, if they come and ask for.

Multiple regulations have been implemented in order to avoid illegal gambling, especially during the pandemic. Online gambling boomed in the country, and while all four existing land-based casinos were shut down, the online casinos kept evolving and expanding. This was caused by the massive lockdown and the urge for people to still do something and take up certain actions.

The problem solved smartly

One of the most commonly known facts, which Norwegian often use, is to play with the international providers, yet make the transactions via cryptos. This is the most convenient option, as the transactions proceeded with cryptos are not visible to the governmental representatives, and remain anonymous. Consequently, no one can track where the money was spent. Both the players and the casino providers remain on the safe side.

The biggest question and the issue here is the online casinos, which feature the crypto deposits, though if you follow this link you will already find multiple betting companies and casinos that do indeed feature crypto deposits, meaning that the trend is already in full swing. Their number of online foreign casinos which offer crypto deposits is enough for players to fulfill their desires and try out new games, introduced by the world’s leading online casino game developers.

The potential of the Nordic gambling market is huge. There are a lot of gambling operators willing to enter the market and offer their products to society, though due to some restrictions and the circumstances they are facing, it is hard to find a common language. The governmental officials on the other side do not make any concerns about lifting the restrictions, but on the opposite are trying to add some more. Some of the recent ones have been introduced within the second lockdown. The reason for that lies in the increased popularity and expenditure on online casino services.

While from one side, the reasons and the concerns from the government are surely justified, the society still has to have a choice, and having a government in the monopoly of the online gambling industry, does not smell like democracy at all. Certain restrictions or limitations regarding the maximum expenditure can be set, which will prevent people from problematic gambler syndrome, though limiting the industry with only two operators is a little too much.

One way or another, some more changes might be introduced with the changing of the COVID-19 situation. Currently, the world is experiencing a global collapse and the industries are trying to survive. While we are sure that online gambling shall survive, some countries might actually reconsider their approaches towards online casinos. Until then, let’s wait and hope for the best.

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