How does the second wave impact Bitcoin?

2020 introduced into everyday life the word coronavirus. No one could imagine that the world could suddenly stop, just stop its movement. It was a difficult period for doctors. They really fell off their feet from an endless string of sick people. COVID-19 was the perfect magnifying glass for the world’s public. In a stressful situation, vulnerabilities have been exposed and potential areas of growth and development have been discovered.

Thus, during the pandemic and the lockdown cryptocurrencies fully showed their capabilities. Their turnover has grown 2-3 times, many countries seriously thought about the full use of digital money, increased the number of wallets with minimum balances, which indicates an increase in trust and loyalty among the ordinary population to digital coins.

The second wave and cryptocurrency

All the facts and arguments so far say that such a striking effect of surprise the second wave of coronavirus will not bring. The world will not shudder in one day from the realization of what is happening. Countries have already experienced a shock in March, they have behind the six months of experience of fighting coronavirus, the experience of establishing life and existence with this problem. Many did not relax the quarantine measures, most of the borders are closed. And now, in the time of the rise of disease, each country decides in its own way, and more democratically, how to behave in the second wave.

Therefore, we do not expect a critical fall in the Bitcoin rate, as well as other cryptocurrencies, under the influence of the second wave of coronavirus. There’s no reason. At least the coronavirus won’t give it. If we make an amendment to the fact that with coronavirus we will have to exist for two more years, the degree of its influence will decrease even more.

However, the exchange rate of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will not become completely independent of the news about COVID-19. There will be no collapse. Bitcoin currently costs over 17,000$ and its rate is likely to increase even more in the future.

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