Bitcoin gambling regulation around the world

Let’s what kind of regulations and laws some of the countries have in place with Bitcoin gambling.


All foreign gambling is banned within the country. So native player mostly resort to VPNs in order to access all the offshore online casinos, because of the lack of variety within the borders. Still, Bitcoin gambling is subject to financial penalties and sometimes even jail time within the Russian borders.

bitcoin gambling regulation


Pretty much everything connected to online gambling is banned within the borders of China. They have even had a major crackdown on software companies who have the ability to make such games. Unfortunately, Bitcoin gambling still remains highly illegal within mainland China. Making the providers of such platforms lose out on a large market.

Hong Kong

The government has already started demanding more strict regulations within the borders of Hong Kong in order to contain the epidemic of gambling. The city’s more liberal approach to the issue of gambling is still prevalent, however, making Bitcoin gambling legal and easy within the borders.


The government in South Korea is hoping to get rid of gambling for the local population, but create a very attractive industry for foreign tourists to enjoy. When it comes to Bitcoin gambling, you will not have an easy time in Korea because of the crackdowns the online gambling websites are facing.


Unfortunately, Israel has nothing specific to say about online gambling sites, but we are sure that land-based gambling is illegal within the country. However, in 2005, there was a mention about gambling establishments having no right to exist online or on land. Therefore making Bitcoin gambling illegal here as well.

The United States

What’s important to consider with the US is that they are not one solid regulated body, all of its states have a mind of its own and decide whether or not to have gambling casinos on land or online. The sports betting industry has been receiving some hits these past years and the digital currencies are gaining popularity with the government, but most likely not to a degree as to have a nationwide legalization of gambling with Bitcoin. If you’re desperate to gamble with the cryptos however you’ll have to go to Nevada, New Jersey or a few Indian reservation casinos.

The United Kingdom

The UK is probably a haven for any online gambling enthusiast. The country has an open heart towards anybody who wants yo gamble anything they want within the country, therefore you will most likely have absolutely no problems when it comes to Bitcoin gambling.


The casino industry is being born in Japan as we speak. The Japanese government has seen the damage a market crash and a bubble burst can do to an economy, so it’s trying to diversify it as quick as possible. Some bills have already been passed for some individuals to start operating online gambling casinos. Unfortunately there are no local online bitcoin casinos in Japan, however, you can legally use the ones from Macau and Gibraltar.

The Netherlands

The Dutch government has finally realized that a large potential is being wasted, by their citizens spending millions of euros on foreign online casinos. Therefore they have started handing out licenses to almost everyone interested, to be able to maintain all of the cash outflow. Unfortunately, however, nothing has been specified about Bitcoin gambling but it’s expected to be included in the legal gambling websites as well.



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